Why I’m Taking The Quick Start Challenge 2018

I learned quite some time ago now. There really isn’t any, “get-rich-quick”, “make money in 10 minutes”, “sit back and we’ll do all the work” buttons you can press and magically have thousands of dollars, or whatever currency you live with, just dropping into your bank account.

It’s not going to happen! Really…it’s not!

Just like a “real” job or “real” business, making an income online requires work.

And, that’s the first problem, right there.

The general view of making an online income is that, somehow, it’s different from earning an income “offline” People will often tell you to go and get a “real” job. Have you had that happen to you?

Just like an offline business, an online business requires the structure to be successful.

And, that’s the second problem, right there.

A lot of people have never set up an offline business, so, do not have any idea where to start online either!

I’ve worked at building my online business for the last 18 months. I’ve learned from a variety of sources and I’ve had reasonable success. 

I’ve earned money online and I continue to do so, BUT, not consistently

That’s why I’ve decided to take Dean Holland and Craig Crawford’s:

“Quick Start Challenge 2018” 

Quick Start Challenge

Dean and Craig are proven successful online marketers who have cracked the code to earning consistent online income and then some!

They’ve achieved this by trying, failing, learning from bitter experience, plus sheer hard work and determination. They have, in place, the plan and the structure required to provide the consistency I’m aiming for.

So when they opened the annual “Quick Start Challenge” for 2018, to teach this over a concentrated five-week program, I decided to jump on board and learn from the best.

WATCH THIS SPACE. I’ll be updating with the results of my progress as the challenge proceeds.

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