The Perfect Partnership Mystery revealed.

Every once in a while the perfect partners come together, almost by accident.

Take Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy for instance. They are probably the most famous comedy duo of all time.

They met and came together while working in vaudeville theatre and the silent black and white film industry back in the late 1920’s.

While they were both excellent comedians, if one needed to play the “straight” man for a role, then they could both do this perfectly too. This is what made them the perfect comedy partnership and enabled them to work so well together.

They made a string of short and feature movies in black and white that are still being watched today, and still bring much laughter and pleasure.

In total, they made 107 films, 32 short silent movies and 40 short films with sound and between them, they influenced the direction comedy cinema progressed for decades…

Affiliate Marketing is no different!

If you find the right partnership of offers and a way of promoting them, you can make it work VERY effectively and earn a substantial affiliate income…

Like Laurel and Hardy, two products have come together this week almost by accident.

Tony Newton’s “Guaranteed Approval Rolodex” and “Real Traffic App” from Andie Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley.

Tony’s Guaranteed Approval Rolodex has 75 affiliate products in 7 very popular online niches that will give you guaranteed approval to promote them. This overcomes the difficulty of someone new, or without a track record of affiliate sales, getting approved by many vendors.

Andie and Curt’s “Real Traffic App” will then drive a constant flow of human traffic to any of your websites so they can see the offers you choose to promote from Tony’s Rolodex!

As I said, the perfect partnership. Not technically a comedy partnership, but the two combined could see you laughing all the way to the bank…

Doh… I know… a pretty bad joke…

See Tony’s Rolodex here: Guaranteed Approval Rolodex

See Andie and Curt’s Real Traffic App here: Real Traffic App

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