The Mysterious Book of Soyga

Back in the late 16th, early 17th century lived a man called John Dee.
He was an Anglo-Welsh Astronomer, Mathematician and Teacher.

John was a somewhat unusual and very complex character who also practised as an Astrologer, Occultist and Alchemist and was, at one point, Court Astronomer for Queen Elizabeth 1st of England.

Back in his era, John was well-known for studying the occult, divination and Hermetic philosophy, amongst many other mystic related subjects.

On numerous occasions, he also searched for the secrets to the Philosopher’s stone!

In his day, he was famous for having one of the most extensive libraries in the world dedicated to the occult and magic.

Amongst his collection was a manuscript referred to as “The Book of Soyga.”
It was a book of mystery and magic as cryptic today as it’s ever been.

The book is written almost entirely in Latin and appears to be some sort of collection of old-world magic beliefs and spells. It also contains many secret codes, tables and charts.

Much of the book is written in Hebrew-like backwards writing, which is difficult, if not impossible, to decipher!

But, this did not stop John Dee!

He studied it profusely for many years in an attempt to decode it as he firmly believed it held the profound secrets of the universe within its pages.

He also claimed he had spoken to the angel Uriel, who had told him the Book of Soyga had been shown to Adam in the Garden of Eden and could only ever be correctly translated and deciphered by the archangel Michael.

It’s not clear if John Dee ever received any further answers from the angels as he died before he could untangle the dark secrets he was convinced were contained within the book…

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