Roberta Hill’s Online Networking Course

It’s not what you know it’s who you know…


Whilst this statement doesn’t always ring true, there’s no doubt that networking and having contacts in your industry can be a great way to get ahead.

Further, it’s never too late to start building out that little black book of professional contacts.

Not sure how to make the right contacts?

Then read on.

In business terms, networking is the process of speaking to professional contacts and sharing information with them.

Traditional offline networking can be formal or informal and can take many different forms, ranging from exchanging business cards with clients at corporate events, through to simply striking up a conversation with someone you overhear speaking about your industry at an event.

On the other hand,  online networking and social media networking are a different ball game.  If you want to learn exactly how to build a solid online network of followers who also trust you or you have been asked by others how to go about building an online network, then Roberta’s course is for just right for you.

With her “Online Networking Success eBook PLR” you’ll have a better understanding of exactly what is required and how you and your clients can benefit by following Roberta’s network building methods.

Even better, you can teach the same methods to others too as you are free to rebrand the entire course, give it away or sell it!  The options are all yours.

More importantly, you’ll be able to build a list that will be full of loyal contacts for years to come which is the best foundation you can possibly have for your online business moving forward.

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2 thoughts on “Roberta Hill’s Online Networking Course”

  1. Hello Paul, thank you for following me as well as this recommendation. I’m going to look into it because I definitely need something like this.

    • Hi Mo,
      Thanks for your comment and your interest. Roberta’s course is excellent and I learned a lot from it myself.
      Hopefully you will find it useful too.


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