Plugin Profit Black Ops Review

I have just finished watching all of the videos in Torsten Müller’s “Plugin Profit Black Ops” course as he kindly allowed me review access.

In a nutshell, this course guides you from start to finish, in easy to follow step by step instructions, exactly how to do the all of the following:

  1.  How to understand what is allowed under a PLR License.

  2.  How to find available WordPress plugins, with PLR rights, that you can rebrand and sell as your own.

  3.  Exactly how to rebrand your PLR Plugin.

  4.  How to update your PLR plugin.

  5.  How to protect your PLR plugin from theft.

  6.  How to create an attractive eCover for your plugin quickly and easily so you can launch it in the market.

Torsten has left nothing out of this course at all. The over-the-shoulder-videos guide you through every single step required to bring your own WordPress plugin to market. In other words, how to build a viable and sustainable online business you can continue to earn from, providing you are prepared to put everything Torsten teaches into action.

It’s a course suitable for online marketers with any level of experience.

There is also advanced video training, that focusses on a number of different monetising strategies you can implement to profit from the assets you create in the main course, plus, a further option of a 6-week workshop with live webinars and personal email access to Torsten.

I have not seen the advanced training, but based on the quality of the basic training, I’ll be grabbing it for certain as soon as it’s released.

I am more than happy to give “Plugin Profit Black Ops” my highest recommendation.

P.S. You will not make ANY money online without taking action! This course is excellent. It offers you a viable, workable and interesting way to make an online income. However, it is not going to do it for you!

You will have to follow each step in the course and complete the tasks if you expect to see results.

I know just how easy it is to say, “I’ll do that tomorrow” because I’ve done it myself all too often. This is the biggest reason most people fail at Internet Marketing. With this in mind, if you grab Torsten’s course from me, I am going to give you some help so you have the best possible chance of working through it and getting results at the end.

Check out my bonus below:

Sorry! I have had a couple of problems uploading my bonus which I am currently sorting out. Just email your receipt to [email protected]  after you purchase and I will make sure you get your bonus asap   🙂  

You can grab the course and my bonus here: Plugin Profit Black Ops.

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