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One of the essential requirements to make a success of online marketing is an email list of interested subscribers.

You’ve heard about building a list a hundred times before, I’m sure.

But there’s a good reason you’ve heard it so often.

To achieve any sort of consistent online income, you really MUST build a subscriber list!

Once you have a list of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, you can build an ongoing relationship with them.

As they get to know like and trust you, your audience will look forward to reading your information, and recommendations.

Then, and ONLY then they will buy from you.

To build that list, you need a few things.

  • A quality gift to give in return for an email address

  • A squeeze page to collect the email.

  • An offer to re-direct subscribers to after they join your list

  • A thank you page to deliver the gift.

  • A series of emails that you can send to your new subscribers to start building a solid relationship.

Plus a lot of work – and a lot of know-how to piece it all together.

Often, just thinking about the work required is enough to stop you dead in your tracks, which is why so many fail before even getting started!


But, fear not, help is here for you.

At 11 am EST on 19th May, there’s a WordPress plugin coming out that will create this whole, list building sales funnel for you. Literally, in just a few clicks. 

It’s from two experienced online marketers, Andy Waring and Val Wilson and means you can have your lead collecting, income-generating funnel up and running in just a few minutes.


So what does the plugin do?

I purchased an earlier version of the funnel building plugin myself when it was made available on a private launch to a group of Andy Waring’s email subscribers.

Val and Andy claim: “This plugin is one of the easiest ways you will ever see to get your funnel up and running, fully monetized, and ready to collect leads and make sales”

So, I followed the simple and straightforward step-by-step instructions to install the plugin on one of my WordPress sites.

Once installed, I  filled-in-the-blanks with the info where indicated in the boxes.

It only took me around 15 minutes from start to finish, and I did indeed have a fully functioning, monetized, list building funnel up and running!

Here’s  the funnel the plugin built after I entered the required info:

The Landing Page:

  • The gift in this funnel was video training showing ten separate websites where you can start earning money online without incurring any costs.

The Thank You Page & Re-direct to the offer:

  • The link to the video training for the ten websites was sent to the email address the subscriber entered on the Landing Page.

  • The offer I included after a subscriber opted-in was another online marketing tutorial from Barry Rodgers called “Fastsart 9”

Did it work?  Check out my results:

My Results:

  • Here is the initial post I made on Facebook to attract attention and get people to visit the landing page:

The number of new subscribers who entered their email address on the Landing Page:

29 people, out of those who visited the landing page, subscribed to my email list to watch the video training.

10 out of the 29 also opted-in to see the optional offer of the Faststart9 training.

So, YES, the funnel worked as expected, and I now have 29 new subscribers on my email list who I can continue to build a relationship with!
What’s more, there were no technical challenges using the WordPress plugin to set it all up. 

Lets’ take a detailed look at what Andy and Val are offering:

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ALL of the following is made for you by Val and Andy’s custom built plugin.

Just enter some simple info specific to you, and the plugin does all of the work, automatically publishes your pages, and gives you your own, personal links.

It couldn’t be easier and, as you can see from my results above, it works!

Here’s exactly what you get:

A Free report to give to your new subscribers in return their email address:  ” The Insider Secrets to Passive Income.”

It’s monetized and rebrandable too.

The Fully Responsive Squeeze Page.

This page will encourage visitors to join your email list to get the free report.

The Re-direct “Thank You” Page.

The additional offer will be YOUR affiliate link.

A fully Monetized Download Page.

Your rebranded version of the report will be delivered from this page. It has YOUR affiliate links inside.

The related offer link is also YOUR affiliate link.

Professionally written emails to send to your new subscribers.

A balance between value-driven content and promotional emails to use over a 7-day sequence.

Even includes the mandatory legal pages!


Here’s a video demo of the plugin from Andy Waring:

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The “Passive Income, Funnel-in-a-Plugin” from Val and Andy is a huge time and anxiety saver when it comes to setting up a list-building funnel.

It achieves, in less than 15 minutes, a task which is often daunting for many, to the point of making them avoid it altogether.

If you’ve ever struggled with the technical side of things, or simply find the whole business of building a sales funnel too much for you, then this is precisely what you need to get you past the sticking point and start building your list of email subscribers.

If you are more experienced, then you will immediately see the value here, and this will become a very welcome addition to your toolbox.

It’s a genuine timesaver, a brilliant concept and fantastic value for money!

From my own experience, after using the plugin and achieving these results, I can highly recommend it.  

Go here now to see a full demo and get it before the launch pricing increases:

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