List Tastic Review

List Tastic Review

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As Affiliate Marketers or aspiring Affiliate Marketers, we often hear the phrase: “The Money is In the list.”

This is true of course, and most of the large incomes you see posted online by well-established Affiliates does, indeed, come from regular emails they send to the lists of subscribers they have built over a period of time

But what if you are new, or an “intermediate” marketer who doesn’t have a large list of email subscribers already?

Where do you start?

How do you build your subscriber list in the first place?
And…When you 
have managed to build your first list, how do you interact with them?
How often should you send them emails?
What should you say?

All valid questions which have confused many, me included.

You too, yes?

There’s so much conflicting information available it makes the code of affiliate/email marketing even more difficult to crack.

Please step up Bobby D.

Bobby is an experienced affiliate/email marketer who has worked his way up and encountered many of the pitfalls you are tripping over yourself right now.

He’s established his own list of subscribers and is making regular daily income from the affiliate offers he promotes to them.

In a nutshell, he knows what he’s talking about! He’s doing it every day.

So, the next question is “
How has he done it?”

His “List Tastic” course answers this and also gives you everything
you need to follow along and do it yourself.

Listen, you can do this, make no mistake!

Yes, it will take work, but it’s work you can do from the comfort of your own home. That’s what you want, right?

I KNOW this works because I’ve made affiliate commissions myself.

I’ve even hit the “$100 commission days” (which anyone starting out in Affiliate Marketing should aim for as a first target.)

BUT, I’m not doing it consistently.

Bobby’s course is going to help me build that consistency and It can certainly do the same for you.

But I don’t have a subscriber list”

Ah… Bobby’s thought of that too.
When you get inside the List Tastic course you’ll find he’s also included free access to another of his courses,
“20 Minute Tactics”

This is a full 15 video course taking you from start to finish through all the step required to build a solid list of subscribers.

This will become the solid foundation to build your affiliate business on and you will be able to continue sending emails to this list

The List Tastic course will ensure everything you send is written, styled and delivered correctly for maximum impact.

Highly recommended, and at just $7 for the first days of the release, I doubt you won’t find better value anywhere in an affiliate marketing/email marketing course. Here’s my video review:

My Unique Bonus

As you build your subscriber list and start interacting with them it’s important for you to establish your “brand”. This is how your subscribers will get to know like and trust you.

Did you notice the “Paul’s Pages” animated introduction to my review video? Well, if you pick Bobby’s List Tastic course up via my affiliate link, (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you?) I’ll make you a similar animated intro video using your logo. You can then use this as the introduction for any videos you make to promote your online presence and/or affiliate offers.

All you need to do is send me your proof of purchase transaction ID and the email address you used to make your purchase to [email protected] I’ll then contact you to discuss your requirements and the video intro will be created in a style to match your brand.

Please note: You will need to provide me with your logo as a transparent PNG file.

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