Is Your Wallpaper Killing You?

You may think this is an odd question and something that could never happen…

But you’d be wrong…

The Victorians were very clever people, but they were also frequently prone to accidents. You may be surprised to learn they poisoned themselves unintentionally on more than one occasion! Here are just two examples.

  1. Back then, green wallpaper was the height of fashion, to the point where they became almost obsessive about it.

    Not just any green color though. It had to be a rich shade called Scheele’s Green and one reason it was so popular was it’s resistance to fading. This is why it was frequently used to produce wallpaper.

    However, this wall covering had a dark side. Its rich color came from Copper arsenite a derivative of Arsenic!

    Breathing in air polluted with Arsenic vapour had the potential to kill and in Victorian times it often did just that. Whole families died as a result of breathing in the air from rooms decorated with this polluting green wallpaper.

  2. Victorians also judged things by appearance and they often linked the purity of something to its whiteness.
    For instance, they were obsessed with white bread and removed all the bran, wheat germ and other nutritious goodies we love today and know to be healthy.

    In their place, they used Alum which was essentially salts from metals like aluminium and chromium to further enhance the whiteness of their bread.

    Alum irritated the gut wall badly, to the point of causing long term stomach damage. For many, this was bad enough to cause death and frequently did.


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