Instant Social Profits 2.0 Review

Instant Social Profits 2.0 Review

David Fearon makes a full-time income from Facebook groups.
He’s done so for over 4 years now and it’s his main source of income.

Last year he released an excellent course called “Instant Social Profits” which explained, in great detail, exactly what he did to build up his Facebook Group business to provide him with a full-time income and, more importantly, what he does to maintain this regular ongoing income.

Why Facebook Groups?
Because, as David explains, they are a HUGE untapped source of income when created and managed in the right way.

Even better,
ANYONE can make a success of this if they are just prepared to follow all the step by step training David is providing.

There is also an audience of over 1.5 billion people available to you.

Instant Social Profits 2.0 is a new and completely up to date version of his original course.

But…Why does it need a new version?

Because Facebook changes constantly. As David is working with his own FB Groups every day he’s bang up to date with what’s happening right now. That’s why this course is 
so valuable.

What exactly do you get for the $10 David is asking for 
Instant Social Profits 2.0 during the next 7 days?

Over 4 hours of in-depth video training, taking you from A to Z through the entire process of setting up your own Facebook Group Business. David’s is giving you his entire 4 years of experience in this course.

Here is a list of the course modules, showing the titles and running times of each video in the training:

Module 1 – Introduction (6:28)

Module 2 – Facebook Changes (9:16)

Module 3 – Focus Focus Focus (6:15)

Module 4a – Niche Selection Part 1 (12:21)
Module 4b – Niche Selection Part 2 (6:12)

Module 5 – Creating Your Group (21:41)
Module 5a – Creating Your Group – “Tech” Videos: All Group Settings, Adding Other Admins, Reported Posts, Group Security Settings, Email & Group Address Settings, Group Photo and Mute/Block/Remove Members (7 technical videos 24 mins total)

Module 6 – Traffic – Getting More People into Your Groups (15:47)
Module 6a– Traffic – Free Traffic Forever (6:35)
Module 6b – Traffic – The Power of One (8:31)
Module 6c – Traffic – Legally Stealing Others Traffic (8:02)

Module 7 – Approving/Denying People into Your Groups (10:28)
Module 7a – Customers & Member Quality (5:07)
Module 7b – Group Security & Your Well-being (12:35)

Module 8 – Membership Applications to Watch Out for (4:47)

Module 9 – Group Rules Part 1 (6:32)
Module 9b – Group Rules Part 2 (10:21)

Module 10 – Setting Your Group up for Success (3:13)

Module 11 – Perfect Posting for Success (8:21)

Module 12 – what to Sell (8:16)
Module 12a – Sourcing Products (8:57)

Module 13 – Creating Healthy Competition, Rewards & Further Engagement (8:59)

Module 14 – Creating Content for Cash (8:22)

Module 15 – Driving Engagement & Driving Sales (8:59)

Module 16 – Facebook Group Announcements (6:03)

Module 17 – Keeping Your Content Seen – “Invisibumps”. (6:18)

Module 18a – Monetizing Your Groups (9:55)
Module 18b – Growth & Expansion (6:08)

Module 19 – Conclusion & Leverage (7:34)

As you can see for yourself, there are over 4 hours of detailed in-depth training videos from a Facebook Group Expert here for less than the price of a light lunch.

If you can’t see the value in this then I’m afraid there’s no hope for you and I suggest you seriously consider giving up the whole idea of ever making money online.

If on the other hand, you can instantly see how this differs from so much of the dubious “get rich quick” stuff peddled online every day, then I’m sure, like me, you’ll grab it immediately and start building your own Facebook Group business today, or at least, tomorrow!

Oh.. just so you know, I more than happily paid David $47 for early access to this course and he’s now asking you for only $10 for the next 7 days for exactly the same. Here’s the proof:

And… as David explains in the course introduction video himself, he’s offering it at $10 for7 days then it will no longer be available.

Get Instant Access

No “false scarcity”… after 7 days at $10 it’s gone!

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