How YOU can start 2020 by publishing Children’s Books as a Home-Based Online Business…

Even if you have NO experience and have NEVER considered it before…

Coloring, and Low Content books in general, can be a great source of extra income and offer an excellent business model for a publishing enterprise you can run from your computer and the comfort of your own home. It’s a business model that’s not too difficult to implement either with plenty of information, tutorials and courses readily available online.

For instance, my grandchildren love the coloring sheets that restaurants often give them with their kids’ menus.

They’ll also flip them over to complete some of the other puzzles that are typically included too, so, there’s no doubt, the market for appealing coloring and activity books is HUGE. 

It’s the perfect place to start because it’s a PROVEN market with a big demand for new and fresh content.

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting your Low Content Publishing venture to ensure you take the most comfortable and fastest route to profit.

  1. Choose your target market right from the outset. Specific coloring book niches are going to appeal more to different types of people. Make sure there is a market for your chosen niche. For instance, animal images will always be popular with children.

  2. You can either create coloring images yourself using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, but if you don’t have these skills, no problem at all!

  3. Your next option is to use the services of a freelance illustrator to produce your coloring images. However, this can be expensive too and there are better alternatives when first starting out.

  4. Your VERY BEST OPTION is to use ready-made coloring images that come with PLR rights. Meaning they come with a license allowing you to use them commercially for producing your own products like coloring books, coloring sheets or maybe even other print on demand products which you can also sell online.

    Hey Kitty Cat

The Hey Kitty Cat” Graphics Pack is an excellent example of a brand new pack of done-for-you images in the VERY popular Cat niche from Huw Hughes.

It’s very inexpensive and includes 30 different and appealing images. This pack would be the perfect start for your online publishing venture in 2020

The pack is currently selling for just $17 for the 30 images in PNG and SVG formats ready to go.

There are three further optional upgrade options available:

  1. The bronze edition, containing 30 background images in PNG and SVG format as well as an additional 30 images with the designs already incorporated onto those backgrounds.

  2. The silver edition, containing 30 dot to dot designs as well as 30 trace designs available in SVG and PNG format. These will make creating coloring books quicker and offers even more possibilities.

  3. The gold edition, containing fully colored versions of the same images, making designing covers for your books a breeze.

Get full details and examples of all the appealing Kitty Cat images by clicking the link now.

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***When you pick up Huw’s excellent Hey Kitty Cat Coloring Pack via me, I have a bonus waiting for you to help you kick start your book publishing venture even more!***

100 easy mazes, especially suitable for children, complete with solutions! 

You can use these to publish another book alongside your coloring book. Puzzle books are another GREAT seller on Amazon and you can create them around different themes too to appeal to a wider audience.

Here’s a tip for you… Don’t publish the solutions in your book. Add them to a membership site and include a link to this site inside your book. This way you are adding buyers to a membership site where you can promote or sell them other books, or any other related items.

Work Smarter not Harder!

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Last year, I started my own journey into Low Content Publishing. I spent the last month of 2019 going through a course I purchased myself called
 “Low Content Mastery” from Kate Reily. 
Kate is an experienced publisher of Low Content books using the Amazon KDP platform and her course is a great introduction to the subject.

But first, here is a link to an in-depth interview she did with another very successful low content book publisher which gives a very detailed insight into the Low Content book publishing business model:

“How To Make Real Money Selling Simple Low Content Books on Amazon KDP”

Reading this interview prompted me to get started myself and I’m now just publishing my very first coloring, puzzle and activity books. Watch this space as I’ll be posting more information about my results as I progress. There is also a link on the interview page where you can check out Kate’s excellent course.

If you’ve struggled to make an online income, Low Content Publishing could easily be the right path for you to follow in 2020… NO experience required to get started either. Here’s to your success!

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