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JayKay Dowdall has been one of stand out personalities in the Internet Marketing arena during 2018. He has released three of the most valuable and hugely impressive courses during the year.

  1. “FB Masters” was and still is, the epitome of Facebook Advertising training.

  2. “Destiny”, similarly, was and still is, the definitive Facebook Messenger Bot training.
    And now…

  3. “Funnelize”. Quite literally, everything you need to know about Sales Funnels, period.

    (All three of these courses are in my Top Five essential Internet Marketing Training products you should have.)

    Funnelize is another triumph of a training course from JayKay.

    It consists of 14 modules containing 35 videos and associated resource material providing a microscopic examination of the science behind Sales Funnels.
    What are they?
    Why should you use them?
    Why do they work?
    How do they work?
    How to design them?
    How to build them?
    How will they help you build a successful business online?

    Funnelize answers all these questions, and more, in great detail by breaking everything down with full explanations, walkthroughs and case studies.
    The 35 videos provide over 8 hours of in-depth training, delivered by Jay Kay, in a teaching style which is not only a pleasure to watch and listen to but also demonstrates his impressive knowledge of the subject.

    OK, big deal, so there’s a ton of information in the course, but, what does all this mean for me, Paul?

    Well, I don’t know where you are currently with your online business efforts.

    The big question is, DO YOU?

    Chances are if you’re not already successful then it’s either because you don’t know what to do, or, if you do know what to do, you haven’t done it!

    You’ve also, more than likely, got a hard drive full of stuff you’ve purchased which seemed like a good idea at the time but now you’re scratching your head wondering what you should be doing with it all and hiding away from the overwhelm.

    (Listen, it’s OK to admit it; I’ve been there too, so I’m the last person who’s going to give you a hard time!)

    However, one thing I learned myself the hard way during 2018:
    YOU NEED TO TAKE PLANNED, ORGANISED ACTION if you’re going to achieve your dream of earning your living online.

    For instance, you really would see a big difference if you did something positive, and carefully planned, with all the tools, and products you already have.

    I made huge improvements in my online income when I organised myself and did something constructive during the second half of 2018. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the progress I achieved!

    What did I do? Nothing too tricky, I just took the time to learn from someone who knew more about this online marketing stuff than I did!
    Then I took what he’d taught me and tried it for myself.
    That person was JayKay Dowdall, and the course I followed was his “Destiny” Facebook Messenger Training.

    Now it should be no surprise to hear I’m also following this new Funnelize course he’s put together to take things to the next level during 2019.

    So back to your original question, “What does all this mean for me, Paul?”

    It means this:
    Funnelize is one of the very best educational courses about online marketing you are likely to see, and it’s available for a fraction of its true worth for a short while.

    If you allow yourself the chance, Funnelize could be the one course you follow from start to finish that sees you making some real, measurable, progress with your online business in 2019.

    It could help you clarify exactly how to use those tools and products you’ve neglected and show you what to do with them to build something worthwhile.

    It could help you understand the structure you need to build to attract a band of loyal followers and ensure you grow your online income to the level you decide next year

    It’s the one product I suggest you should have to give you the best chance of being successful in 2019, assuming you are serious, that is?

    If you are, then buy Funnelize and start following JayKay’s lessons now.

    What’s inside the Funnelize course?

    The 14 Modules contain 35 videos providing over 8 hours of in-depth training.

    Module 1: Introduction.
    Module 2: Funnelize 101.
    Module 3: The Perfect Lead Magnet.
    Module 4: The Funnel Gateway.
    Module 5: The Tripwire Funnel.
    Module 6: The Webinar Funnel.
    Module 7: The Launch Funnel.
    Module 8: The Affiliate Funnel.
    Module 9: The Mega-Ticket Funnel.
    Module 10: The Offline Client Funnel.
    Module 11: The Tagging Funnel.
    Module 12: Retargeting Training.
    Module 13: Email Marketing Training.
    Module 14: Action-Takers Blueprint.

    Check out my video tour of the member’s area below:

    Funnelize Review

    How much does it cost?

    The Front End is $13-$19 from December 19th until December 26th. (This is on a “dime sale” where the price starts at $13 and rises slightly with each sale until it reaches $19)

    There are also three OTO’s (one-time offers) during the launch.

    Funnelize “Black Book”:
    $37 during the launch period.

    10 of the most successful online “Guru” funnels which have generated over $5 million in sales between them, “reverse engineered” by JayKay to explain why and how they were so successful.

    Funnelize University:
    $47 one time lifetime access during the launch only.
    $47 a month from December 27th onwards.

    Funnelize University is a membership group with extra content, one-on-one feedback, live training, reverse engineering classes, advanced tutorials and more.

    OTO 3:

    DFY High Ticket Funnel:
    $197 for a complete done-for-you service.

    The chance to have your own $997 webinar product to promote from day 1
    The funnel will be made to suit each student and offers $497 commission for EACH sale. You will just need to drive traffic to the funnel.

    My Recommendation

    Should you buy Funnelize?
    Yes, yes, yes! It’s going to be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself and your online business. Don’t even think about it, just grab it while the price is insanely low during the launch.
    If you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself later.

    Should you buy the OTO’s?
    Yes, you should certainly consider OTO1 and OTO2 as they will give you far more value than they are currently being sold for too.
    You don’t NEED them, but while you can get them at the special launch pricing, I recommend you should.

    Funnelize Review

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