First 100

“No gimmicks, just conversions”

If you are working at building an online business you should know by now that the money is not IN the list…

it’s in the relationship with your list.

Marketers often forget that.

They also regularly get all starry-eyed over the very latest push-button miracle money maker and forget that building a business requires some actual work and effort.

What a Shock!

Just take a look at this recent post:

If you can make $53,000 a month stealing other people’s videos…


It’s crap, that’s why.

Don’t get sucked in.

The fact is,

If you know, like & trust someone…

Then you sometimes try out stuff that they recommend, right?

Friend: “Hey, you’ve GOT to try out this new restaurant…blah blah blah…”

You: “I’m in, let’s…blah blah blah”

The same goes for selling anything online.

When you have that trust, you don’t have to be Mr Salesy McSaleserson that annoys everyone just with his mere presence.

So with that in mind, I’d like to share something with you.

I’ve known Garry Lynn Baker and Phillip Lopez for a few years now.

They are both experienced online marketers.

I belong to a small private marketing group with them both.

I’ve watched and learned from them while they’ve grown their own businesses and they’ve learned stuff from me too!

That’s because we know like and trust each other after a number of years of sharing online marketing experiences and knowledge.

We also approach things in different ways.

Garry has used YouTube™ to drive traffic and build his online business.

Phillip has used Facebook™ to drive traffic and build his.

They both have the knowledge and experience gained by DOING stuff on these two platforms every day.

They’ve now gathered all that knowledge together and produced a proven method YOU can use to build up your first (or next) tribe of 100 people that trust you.

So you can make consistent sales.

It’s called the First 100.

Inside, Garry and Phillip (listed in alphabetical order, no preferential treatment here) show you exactly what they’ve done to build THEIR email subscriber lists, and what you must do to achieve the same yourself.

They include plenty of detailed case studies showing their results when they did exactly what they are teaching you inside First100.

Garry takes you step-by-step through his proven YouTube™ strategy.
Phillip takes you step-by-step through his proven Facebook™ strategy.

Two for the price of one!

If you want to get things done properly, you really can’t afford to miss this trove of knowledge from two well-respected marketers.

Check out First 100 here:

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