How to ride the coat tails of successful video marketers

Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton, was professor of electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was also the inventor of the Mazda FT-17 Flash Lamp. It earned him the nickname “Papa Flash”.

The Mazda FT-17 flash lamp was the light source that made it possible to capture aerial reconnaissance photographs at night time from planes during the Second World War.

It was this aerial reconnaissance and intelligence work that contributed hugely to the Allies enjoying victory over the enemy in World War Two.

It was also one of the primary methods used for gathering intelligence about the enemy and their activities.
Night time aerial photographs provided indisputable evidence as quickly as possible at that time. Within hours of a reconnaissance mission, the camera images could be developed, printed and interpreted, often before daylight broke the following morning.

Papa Flash continued to improve the giant flashlight system as it was increasingly used for many more reconnaissance missions during the war.
There is one aerial image of the world-famous Stonehenge in England, standing alone on Salisbury Plain, which was taken during testing in August of 1944. Stonehenge proved to be a perfect subject for his night-time aerial photographic experiments.

Significantly, in 1938, one year before the start of World War Two, General Werner Von Fritsch of the German High Command had predicted, quite correctly as it turned out: ‘The military organisation with the best aerial reconnaissance will win the next war.’

OK, so how can a flashlight in the sky at night help you with your video marketing?

Well, in order to outsmart the competition, you need to heed General Von Fritch’s timely advice and carry out your own reconnaissance missions!

You need to discover exactly what the “enemy” is doing.

You need to find out what’s making them the winner instead of you.

But without your own “Mazda FT-17 flashlight” you’ll be left in the dark and disadvantaged.

So, where and how to start?

Step up Loy Puckett. (Think of him as your very own “Papa Flash”.)

He’s going to provide the flashlight and illumination you urgently need to ensure you conduct your own successful video marketing “reconnaissance missions”. This is the essential research required to reveal exactly what’s working for your competition and what you must do to beat them.

He’s called his new course “Easy Video Recon” and you can check it out here:

Easy Video Recon 

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‘Easy Video Recon’ has 10 video modules:

  1. Gathering data on your video

  2. What kind of videos?

  3. “Recon” and make better videos

  4. Test your improved video

  5. Create a “killer” video script

  6. Support and promotion of your videos

  7. Expand your video promotion

  8. The art of the sale with videos

  9. More profit from your videos

  10. Easy video “recon” secrets to success

There is no fluff, waffle or padding in this course. It’s just Loy giving you a wealth of solid information and technique on Video Marketing and explaining exactly how to run your own reconnaissance missions to ensure the best results.

Follow his advice and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition all the way. You’ll be the winner in the Video Marketing war.

Here’s the “Conclusion” video from the course so you can see for yourself:

You can check out full details of the course here  Easy Video Recon

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My Unique Bonus

As your video audience grows, it’s important for you to establish your “brand”. This is how your subscribers will get to know like and trust you.

If you pick up Easy Video Recon from me,  I’ll make you a similar animated intro video, like the one above and including sound.

You can then use this as the introduction for any videos you make to promote your online presence and/or affiliate offers.

All you need to do is send me your proof of purchase transaction ID and the email address you used to make your purchase to [email protected] I’ll then contact you to discuss your requirements and the video intro will be created in a style to match your brand.
Please note: You will need to provide me with your logo as a transparent PNG file.

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