Dubeman’s Done For You Content Vol 1 Review

Just One Word Can Get People Listening To You…
Imagine What 16,499 Words Will Do

How to become the “go-to person” for affiliate marketing advice.
Even if you know zilch about it yourself.

  • Posting 90 authoritative posts about affiliate marketing on Facebook would certainly get you known. 

  • Sending affiliate marketing lessons to your subscribers via 60 drip-fed emails  would certainly get you liked

  • Publishing 30 unique “how to” affiliate marketing articles would make sure you were trusted

And… people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST

But… it’s a lot of work! Especially if you don’t like writing.

What if someone built your reputation and online authority for you and charged you $12.95?

You’d think they were a bit crazy, yes?
Not the “full 9 yards”.
Needing a head examination maybe?

Listen up…

Joe Dube is a really nice guy… he’s not crazy, he’s an accomplished writer and he doesn’t need his head examined.

And… although you didn’t know it, he’s already built YOUR online business as an affiliate marketing advisor for just $12.95

Of course, you haven’t paid him for doing it yet… but you will…

Why? Because he’s done all the hard work for you.
He’s been banging away at the keyboard producing YOUR reputation, YOUR authority and YOUR future online business.

I told you he was a nice guy…

And… He’s wrapped it all up in a bundle, ready for you to publish as your own too. He’s called it:

“Dubeman’s Done For You Content Volume 1” 

It has everything you need to establish yourself as an affiliate marketing authority.

It’s enough content for you to make an instant impression, and continue to make an impression for a long time to come. 

16,499 words. That’s a LOT of quality content.

If someone asks you:

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing? – You’ve got the answer. 
How to choose which affiliate product(s) to promote? – You’ve got the answer.
How to know which offer will interest your audience? – You’ve got the answer.
How to promote a product effectively? – You’ve got the answer.
How to promote affiliate offers via your review website? – You’ve got the answer.
The three “must-haves” when choosing an affiliate product? – You’ve got the answer.
How to get better conversions when promoting an offer? – You’ve got the answer.
How to promote offers to your Facebook audience? – You’ve got the answer.
How to use a 4-day “crush it” email campaign? – You’ve got the answer.
How do successful marketers build an online audience? – You’ve got the answer
Can I promote affiliate offers using push notifications? – You’ve got the answer.
How to track your affiliate sales? –You’ve got the answer.
How should I use the “Muncheye” launch calendar? – You’ve got the answer.
How do I know if a vendor has a good track record? – You’ve got the answer.
All these and many more affiliate marketing questions… You’ve got them all answered! 

There are so many different ways you’ll be using the content Joe’s produced for you:

  • Publishing it as blog posts.

  • Using it to create your membership site.

  • Running your own drip-feed email course.

  • Building an audience as you use it as content for your Facebook posts.

  • Publishing your “how to”affiliate marketing e-book.
In fact, endless opportunities to get yourself established as a respected online marketer who CAN answer questions and only shares information of the highest quality.

What have I missed? Oh yes…

Even if you took the information Joe’s written for you, and only used it to become a successful affiliate marketer yourself, it would be worth a whole lot more than the $12.95 he’s asking for.

But… done-for-you information packages and opportunities like this don’t come around every day.

  • It’s the solid foundation you need to build your online business in the affiliate marketing niche.

  • It’s 16,499 words you haven’t got to research and write yourself.

  • It’s a top class information content bundle you would be crazy to pass by.

  • It’s a product I highly recommend and will be using myself. 

  • It’s got my five-star rating.

It’s your decision to pay Joe the $12.95 and get a head start.

You don’t have to, but you’re smart, and when you consider what Joe’s done for you, you will.

My recommendation?  Get your affiliate marketing advisory business started today.

This content from Joe Dube is too good to miss, seriously, it really is.

Click here or the book cover below to get it now


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3 thoughts on “Dubeman’s Done For You Content Vol 1 Review”

    • Hey Grant,
      Thanks for the compliment and even more thanks for picking it up via my link.
      It’s very much appreciated.

      This is a package that you can really use.

      I’ll be using this content myself, you can be sure.


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