Affiliate Rising Reloaded Review

Why I started a fire that upset my next door neighbour.

My neighbour wasn’t at all happy. The smoke was drifting across his garden, engulfing him and his wife, while they were trying to enjoy a quiet lunch and a drink in the sunshine.

Not really the best way to nurture a good relationship with the people who occupy the next piece of living space in the street, but I’d hit a low point and my normal caring and considerate nature had abandoned me momentarily.

I was in my own moment. Completely lost in the satisfaction of watching the papers burn in the garden incinerator.

The flames were kind of soothing and the small black fragments floating into the air were hypnotic as they danced around in the breeze.

I tried to put the fire out as quickly as I could once he shouted over the garden wall, but even then it did take a good while for the smoke to subside. The heavy aroma hung in the air for some time afterwards. I wasn’t the most popular neighbour at that point!

I’d printed out the courses I’d bought, supposedly teaching how to make money online, so I could read them while travelling by train.
The problem was, I was trying, but they were just not producing the results they promised. Most of the promises they made appeared false.

I felt I’d been duped…

Throwing the pages into the incinerator, pouring fuel over them and throwing in the match was a very satisfying feeling.

Did I eventually make things up with my neighbour? Well, that’s a story for another day…

But…the act of setting those papers alight also lit a new fire inside me!
It made me realise I was doing it all wrong. No experience. Lack of direction. No roadmap.

So, here’s something to make sure you stay good friends with the people who live next door, AND, make progress at the same time…


A step-by-step plan showing you what to do to earn your first

potential $1000 online as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate Rising Reloaded:

Is a four module video training course that takes you from start to finish through everything required…in an easy to follow, step-by-step, approach.

Module 1 

Five videos showing the things you MUST have in place if you plan on becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Get the steps in this first module done and you’ve built the strongest foundations to build on for the journey to your first 1k to progress smoothly.

Module 2

Four videos covering the best products to promote as an affiliate, how to get approval from the vendor to promote and how to get a copy of the product to review (referred to as “review access”).
How to produce an effective product review.
How to secure your own promotional spot on the download page. Why?

Because this is an excellent way to add buyers to your email list. Doing this means you are building a list of interested prospects you can promote to via email moving forward.

Module 3

Two videos over an hour long each.

Everything is pulled together here.
A complete breakdown of how to promote the product you have chosen.

Do this wrong and you’ll end up being a frustrated “fire starter” like I was.

Get it right…and you’ll be on the road to your first $1000 faster than you imagined possible.

Module 4

Everything is wrapped up in this module.

The three things you should focus on to take your online Affiliate Marketing to the next level.
Modules 1,2 and 3 will have shown you success and there is nothing like success to motivate you. You will have seen commissions being paid to you and once you see that happening, you’ll want to keep going.

Who is this training for:

“Newbies”, progressing affiliate marketers, experienced affiliate marketers and those who are “a bit confused by it all” will all benefit from Kam Jennings excellent training.
His delivery style is easy to absorb and because he’s built up his own online business following the processes he teaches in this course there are no false promises.

Does it teach me how to push a button and earn $1000?
What do you think? Really?

NO, it certainly doesn’t. You gotta do some damn work!

The winter is coming where I live, and working from home in a nice warm office, following a proven plan that someone else has taken the time to lay out for me, sounds a whole lot better than battling the elements on a commute to the office just for the privilege of earning the boss a new open-topped sports car he can drive when the summer returns!

At the moment, you can grab “Affiliate Rising Reloaded”, by Kam Jennings, for just 

Click here to check it out here TODAY at $10.80

After tonight (Tuesday 2nd October) it goes up to 
$27 which, quite frankly, is still a silly low price for the information included in the course.

Click here to check it out TOMORROW at $27

Don’t set fire to papers like I did, light a fire inside YOU instead and prove to yourself what you really can achieve by following Kam’s plan.

Do you want another reason to try? OK, if you picked this up via my affiliate link, (as this review was designed to tempt you to do), you’ve 
already qualified for my bonus:

A full HD logo animation video with royalty free music for you to use as an intro for any videos you produce for your online business.
This will help you establish your brand and give you an online identity that potential customers will notice. You’ll stand out from the crowd and look professional.

All you’ve got to do to claim is send me proof of purchase (transaction ID) via email. Send to [email protected]. I’ll then be in touch to discuss and get it created for you.

Here’s to your success with this,


Paul Carr

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