How you CAN earn $100 in one day as an affiliate.

How you CAN earn $100 in one day 
as an affiliate.

(Hint, there’s some work involved)

Before we start, the button you’re looking for doesn’t exist.
Really, it doesn’t, so my advice to you; stop searching for it!
Nobody’s going to give you $100 a day for pushing a button.
You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Yes… you’re going to have to do some… WORK.

(Well, it actually depends on what you classify as WORK?)

Here’s the secret. YOU can do this. Yes, you CAN.

You can do everything required to earn $100 in a day from the comfort of your own home using a computer or a laptop.

No getting up at 6 am so you can drive to the office without hitting the traffic.
No running around to get something done for your boss before the lunch break.

Yes, it’s just going to be you, your brain, your computer, the internet and following a method like the one I’m going to describe.

The same method I used myself to generate $100 commission in one day:

Launch Day Results

Here’s the secret… YOU can do this too. Yes, you CAN.

This is how I used the model taught in JayKay Dowdall’s “Destiny” training course to promote the actual “Destiny” course itself and earn $100 commission in one day.

Destiny” teaches you how to use Facebook Messenger “chatbots” to promote affiliate offers.
This post will show you how I used this method to promote the Destiny course and add subscribers to my messenger list.

I’ll also explain how I added a twist of my own to add buyer subscribers to my email list.

Let’s get started.

    1. The first thing I did was to decide what to offer as a bonus for anyone purchasing Destiny via my affiliate link. (It’s always a good idea to offer a bonus which fits well with the product you are promoting.)

      In this case, I’d previously purchased another product via JayKay Dowdall’s affiliate link and he’d offered give-away rights to his “Auto Profit Daily” course as a bonus for that.
      This was ideal because it meant anyone buying Destiny via my affiliate link was going to get another of JayKay’s courses as well. A two for one deal! Smart eh? 

      I had access to the Auto Profit Daily, (APD from now on), raw course videos so I uploaded these to my YouTube Channel ready to deliver to anyone who purchased Destiny.
      I wanted to restrict access to the APD videos to only those who purchased via my affiliate link.


    2. I uploaded them as “unlisted” videos on YouTube:

    3. I then added them into a product delivery system which would require registration before they could be accessed. I used “Product Dyno”, a tool I invested in myself some time ago and highly recommend as a delivery/membership platform:

    4. I wanted to highlight the value of the bonus I was offering, so I decided to take everyone through a shopping cart “purchase” but discounting the normal price of APD by 100%.
      This way everyone could see they were receiving true value.

    5. For this I used “Thrive Cart” another tool I invested in to grow my business and highly recommend.

      Here’s the twist of my own I mentioned earlier…

      As well as taking them through the psychological process of making a “purchase”, I set up Thrive Cart to add anyone who completed the order to my email subscriber list. This meant I was building my buyers email list, one of the most important assets you can have when building an online income. Don’t forget, those who went through this process had already purchased “Destiny”.
      The link to my bonus inside the Destiny product access page redirected them to the check out page in Thrive Cart with the 100% discount coupon already applied.

      Once the “Complete Order” button was clicked, Thrive Cart redirected everyone to…

    6. This Product Dyno registration page where they could register to access the Auto Profit Daily bonus.

    7. So, after completing steps 1 through 5, my bonus set up was complete and ready for delivery, plus, I had a system in place to build my email subscriber list. This means I’m now able to build a strong ongoing relationship with my subscribers via regular email broadcasts in the future.

      Now, onto the promotion of “Destiny” using the methods taught inside the course.
      In other words, using the lessons inside a course to promote the same course to others.

    8. The Destiny training shows you how to use FB messenger “chatbots”, combined with free and paid methods for driving traffic to your affiliate offers. I concentrated on the free method which used a very specific format for a Facebook post. 

      Here’s the post I used following the Destiny tutorials:

      What you’ll notice immediately is the MASSIVE engagement this post got!

      782 views and 118 comments.

      You can also see at the end of the post I asked people to type “Intention” to get more information.
      JayKay explained why this type of post worked and ensured the best chance of maximising traffic and he wasn’t wrong. I’d never tried this type of post myself before, so the results blew me away!

    9. Following the training exactly, I replied, manually, to all 118 people who commented on the post. I sent each of them a link to the chatbot landing page below.
      This landing page was made using ManyChat which is the tool Destiny teaches for building your messenger bots.

    10. Clicking on “Get Started” added them as a subscriber and took them to the next page in the chatbot sequence: 

    11. Clicking on “View in messenger” started the automated chat bot “flow” which sent them this initial message:

    12. The “Tell me more” button sent them this automated bot message:

    13. Clicking “Go to Destiny”, on either of the two messages above took them to the next message in the flow:
    14. Finally, clicking on the “Show me now!” button redirected them straight to the Destiny sales page:

      In a nutshell

      The entire exercise described above resulted in 9 people purchasing Destiny via my affiliate link in a 24 hour period which earned me $100 in commission. There were more sales the following day, but as the intention of this post was to show you exactly what I did to achieve $100 in one day, I have not included these.

      So… If you’ve made it this far… Well done! It’s a long post and you’ve proven you can stick with it till the end.

      I’d like to share some words with you if that’s OK?…

      I’m no “super affiliate” and I don’t have a huge email subscriber list. I bet you I’m older and slower than you too…

      I studied the Destiny training because I wanted to learn how Facebook messenger chatbots could be used to interact with potential customers. I wanted to learn how to use them to share awareness of products and services which could help build an online business and income. After all, this is what affiliate marketing and online marketing are all about!

      If you’re looking for a way to earn $100 in a day, then I know the method I’ve highlighted in this post does work.

      Whether it will work for you is a different matter altogether.  

      No one can guarantee your results but if you take action, put in the effort and follow a step-by-step training which is proven to be successful, there is no reason why you can’t do it. It all boils down to how much concentration and effort you are prepared to devote to getting what you desire.

      To set up everything I’ve described in this post took me about 5 hours of work, BUT, I now have the framework I can use in the future. I also know a lot more than I did before I started, so I’ve made progress. It will be easier and quicker next time.

      You can do this too, YES you really can. You just need to stick with one method long enough to complete every step it shows you.

      Good luck and let me know when you publish your case study blog post. I’m looking forward to reading it. 

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How you can earn $100 in one day as an affiliate
How I used the model taught in JayKay Dowdall's "Destiny" training course to promote the actual "Destiny" course itself and earn $100 commission in one day.

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